Items of Interest

It doesn't seem possible, but another year has passed. The staff and I have enjoyed our new office location and we hope you have too.


Earla Brockett is back to assist with tax returns. Many of you will remember her from a couple of years ago. She spent many hours this summer studying current tax law and has completed eighteen certified hours of education and testing which is required by the IRS for the Annual Filing Season Program.

I am still practicing. My proprity is to handle unusual returns so I may not be available for your tax interview. You are covered, as I review every return processed and take responsibility for the accuracy of the returns. I am always available if there are questions or concerns. Drop offs are accepted but not encouraged. I strongly urge you to set aside some time for an interview. The IRS requires tax return preparers to exercise due diligence with regard to many aspects of your return, and this is not possible without some contact with the taxpayer. Becky and Kim, who you know very well, are here to greet you and to assist in any way they can. Another segment of our practice which you may not know about is our bookkeeping department. Jean, our accountant, provides payroll and financial accounting services to small businesses. This requires attentiveness all year long so she is not involved with tax return preparation.

There are no new tax law changes for 2016. The extenders which we learned about in December of 2015 are good through 2016. The IRS has become more proficient with matching data provided to them with those found on your tax return. Therefore, be sure to provide us with all tax documents you receive. Please see our checklist on the reverse side of this letter.

Many of you are small business clients and you know you must log your mileage and keep accurate records of your expenses or there is no deduction. There are apps available to do just that. Most of the apps use the GPS capabilities of smartphones to track business mileage. Some such apps are MileIQ, NATP's TaxPocket and Everlance. You may want to give them a try.

There is good news for college bound students. The time for filing your FAFSA form for the 2017 - 18 year was opened October 1, 2016. You can now use your 2015 tax information to complete the form. There is no need for the mad rush in January to get your 2016 return done. Please refer to my website, The Newsletter posted November 16 gives you specific information on how to file.

PLEASE CALL, 563-264-3909, to schedule your tax appointment. We look forward to  serving you this tax season. We are offering $20.00 discounts for referrals.


Beverly Hunt